Harry Potter and the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure!

Harry wants to have a fun adventure at Hogwarts. Can you help him accomplish his goal? You control the action!

Chapter 20

Harry thought for a moment. "You know, Ron, you really don't HAVE to do homework because you think Hermione might be watching."

Ron turned around. "What made you think that was the case?"

"In fact... uh, don't worry about Hermione at all. She died."

Ron looked at Harry like he were some sort of idiot. "Oh really now? Then why didn't I hear about this?"

"Well, she JUST died! Like, 5 minutes ago! Everyone is terribly shocked, so shocked that they couldn't move or tell you or anything!"

"Harry, go away," Ron said.

Just then, Hermione came in. "Hey guys, what's happening?"

"Harry told me you died," Ron said.

"Oh for the love of GOD, Harry, will you just stop that?" Hermione said. "It's the worst lie."

"Oh yeah?" Harry said. "Well what if I killed you RIGHT NOW?"

Hermione yawned. "Not going to happen." With that, she pulled out her wand and immediately turned Harry into a lovely end-table. "There, now he won't bother us anymore."

"Great," Ron said. "Hey, that end-table is just about the right height. Do you think we could...?"

Hermione grinned mischieviously. "I know exactly what you mean," Hermione said as she started to take off her wizard's bra.

YOU HAVE DIED (in a manner of speaking)

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