Dominic Deegan Choose-Your-Own Adventure

Putting on your most suave, debonair, and smug grin, you say, "Oh boy, another imbecile wondering if that kid they're having with their sister is going to grow up to be a inbred hick just like daddy. Here's a hint, they are." Satisfied, you put one hand on your hip and shoot a self-satisfied glance at the idiot, as if daring this cracker-ass motherfucker to respond.

"Ah, so you are the great and all-powerful Dominic Deegan that everyone keeps talking about," says the incoming idiot, seemingly unfazed by your predictions of genetic mishap for his future offspring.

"Yeah, you've probably heard of how great I am. Only saved the world a few times, if you know what I mean," you say, flexing your largely non-existent muscles.

"I am an emissary from the Kingdom of McGuffin. Our lands have been plagued by zombies and famine and littering for the past several weeks and we were wondering if you, the almighty Dominic Deegan, would care to give us advice on how best to tackle this problem."

Well, this is certainly more interesting than helping some old lady figure out where her retarded dog ran off to, and they seem to understand how much of a truly awesome individual you are and have the proper amount of reverence. What do you do, chief?

Snarkily INSULT them again, just because you can
Consult your script CRYSTAL BALL and see what you can suss out
TRAVEL to this land yourself because you're more than man enough to take on a roving army of zombies singlehandedly.