Harry Potter and the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure!

Harry wants to have a fun adventure at Hogwarts. Can you help him accomplish his goal? You control the action!

Chapter 8

Harry nodded. "Sure, Hagrid, I might as well help you out a bit."

So Harry walked into the woods to scout out the infestation. "I wonder what sort of infestation I'm looking for, exactly?" Then Harry spotted some kid with blonde hair and an extremely bright orange jumpsuit sitting up in a tree. "Oh."

"Go away, wizard!" said the blond kid. "I'm training up here with my friends to be the greatest ninja ever! Some mean guy tried to get rid of me but that's just because he didn't like me. People are mean! They just can't see that I'm going to be the greatest ninja ever! Believe it!"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Well you're bothering Hagrid's animals, so could you please practice somewhere else?"

"Hey, you're not the boss of me, you big jerk! I'm going to be the greatest ninja ever! Me and my friends'll make you pay if you try and stop me! Believe it!"

A few more weird looking kids appeared near the blond kid. "Ready guys? Let's attack this dope!"

Harry sighed, pointed his wand and said "Destruction," immediately destroying the blond kid and all his friends.

"Well, that was easy. Now to get my reward." Unfortunately, before Harry could take a single step, an enraged mob of millions of otaku descended upon Harry and tore him limb-from-limb.


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