Dominic Deegan Choose-Your-Own Adventure

Yeah, you're enough man for, like, ten fuckin' people, so you decide it can't hurt to kick back and take stock of just how goddamned awesome you are. Putting your feet on the table and leaning back in your chair, you fondly reminisce about how, without your godlike ability to know each and every move before it happens, the world would probably have undergone nuclear armageddon or something.

Oh snap, while you were daydreaming, some mouthbreathing mongoloid just stepped in through the door to have their fortune told. If there's one thing you don't like, it's playing Miss Cleo to a bunch of barely-literate cretins. You ought too take down that "for hire" sign on the front porch since who fucking cares about these plebes that are paying you good money anyhow?

Anyway, moron incoming. What do you do?

Snarkily INSULT them for daring to come in and ask for advice.
Completely IGNORE them in the hopes that they'll go away and get the idea that you're just too cool to worry about whatever the fuck it is they want
Kindly GREET the customer and ask them how you might be able to best serve them today