Dominic Deegan Choose-Your-Own Adventure

You decide to sit down next to her on the bed and take a good, close look at her. Man, you forgot how nice she looks. Her beautiful skin, her dainty shoulders, her lovely breasts, the fine curve of her tusks, the delicate point of her snout...

Without really thinking about it, you find yourself unzipping and setting to work. Oh yeah, baby. Oh yeah. You're so pretty when you're asleep and not talking. Oh yeah you smell wonderful. Ooooh man where's that lotion at?

Before you can finish, Luna awakens, before jumping at the sight of you. "For god's sake, what the hell are you doing?"

You finish right then and there, making a sticky mess all over everything. Luna, for some reason, doesn't seem very happy that you used her sleeping body as j/o material. Pfft, whatever. You decide to take a nap since you're pretty exhausted after that.

As you awaken, you find out that Luna was so pissed off, in fact, that she's packed her things and left. Also, it looks like you actually have a customer waiting in the other room. Damn it, not a customer. You hate those mouthbreathing fucks.

HEAD OUT and see what the customer wants.
CLEAN THINGS UP in here for a second
RESUME SLEEPING since you don't really want to deal with any customers right now anyhow